Regina Rönnqvist is freelancing within the field of contemporary fashion and offers a wide range of design, construction & production services individually for your brand or project.

Regina Rönnqvist started the company as a brand in 2003 at the age of 20.
While studying pattern construction in Stockholm, Sweden, the clothes began to sell in small design shops.

Since then the company has developed from seasonal collections within the brand to various projects and engagements within fashion development.


  • Design, Planning & development of individual garments & full fashion collections.
  • Trend, Color and Fabric research
  • Development of Techpacks for sampling and production
  • Illustrator based development of designs & technical specifications
  • Sourcing of materials & production
  • Communication & surveillance through sampling & production stages
  • Pattern construction, grading & measurements
  • Tailoring of prototypes, sample garments, showpieces or other bespoke pieces


  • Established & Startup fashion brands
  • Production companies within Tv, film, advertising & performance
  • Artists, performers & private clients

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